Sowing Seeds for later – thoughts on client interactions and more.

I don’t know about you, but relocating my business has got to be the one biggest advantages that I unknowingly gave myself, albeit not by choice. When we picked up and moved to another country (one where I didn’t have the ability to work right away, but that’s another story), I had 2 options: cry about losing my client base, my network, my SEO that I had worked so hard on etc. etc. , or open my eyes to this new opportunity. I watched, listened, observed, and waited. What was the market like? Who could I reach out to? Who was I inspired by locally? What were the best business practices being used in this market? Who was thriving, and who wasn’t? Why?

It’s amazing how much you see when you aren’t directly involved. Not to mention, instead of fixating on your business goals, you start to pick out themes – concerns and worries of your clients and friends, self image issues, what makes people desire or complain about luxury expenses like trips and photo sessions. Building that cultural perspective back into your client experience changed the way I do business. I am constantly asking myself what my clients want (as people and as photo subjects), instead of thinking about what I want to shoot, and why I want to shoot it. Of course I’m not saying you should go away from what you want to do by taking on a style or genre of photography that just doesn’t suit you, because that never works out well either – but knowing what your clients are looking for out of their experience and keeping that the primary goal makes a world of difference to maintaining your positive brand image (and your client base!) in the long run.

This is not new. But just because you did it once when you were setting up your website and your marketing tools doesn’t mean you’re done. Are you keeping your past clients engaged in your current business? If you aren’t, what are some ways you can create that value for them so you are the first business that comes to mind when they think X Photography?


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