Why all of my dresses have pockets

It is no secret to anyone who knows me personally that I am not strong in the organizational department. It takes all of my ‘organization units’ to keep my business organized for my clients, and everything else falls where it may (including my laundry, literally). Some people would tell you that’s a typical personality trait of a creative person, but I tend to disagree. As much as I would love to flatter myself and buy into the ‘chaotic creative genius’ stereotype, the truth is that organization is a skill like any other, and one that can be learned and improved upon with a little hard work and effort.

I’ve been organizing my closet for a couple of weeks now, bit by bit, in between editing and social media and blogging and all the other good stuff we do at our computers, particularly the ‘work clothing’ section. I shoot weddings as well as families and business portraits, so I have a range of clothing, from maxi dresses to pant suits, that needs to be both comfortable and look great for me to blend in at the event or location that I’m working. Therefore, all of my dresses have pockets.

This is not because I love pockets. In fact, I kind of hate pockets. I do not want to wear anything on my body that I don’t absolutely have to, including accessories, but pockets are super handy to put lens caps, lens wipes, business cards, kleenex in etc. This is not an ode to pockets, but moreso an ode to practical women’s clothing. I think in 2017 designers finally figured out that women need to work and look good at the same time – what a concept! So, thank you Banana Republic and many others, for acknowledging that a blazer is not necessarily a great choice in 99 degree weather, and putting hidden pockets in your summer dresses. Good on you!

So, here’s my best tip for you unorganized creatives – if you don’t feel organized enough in one area of your life, find the tools that help you by design. Whether you have to buy, make, or simply use the tools you already have but don’t, let your system take care of keeping you accountable for the things you lack. Case in point…only buy dresses with pockets.


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